About Us:

Numa Yitzhak LTD. A company owned by Yitzhak Numa was founded in 1991.

Our company specializes in the development and implementation of infrastructure and civil engineering solutions using advanced equipment, skilled personnel, supervisors and engineers.







Numa Yitzhak deals with a wide range of applications in the infrastructure, construction and environmental development sectors, including:

  • Rehabilitation of existing infrastructuresWater, sewage, drainage, electricity and communications.
  • Construction of roads, pavements, asphalt works and paving of interlocking paving stones
  • Road sign and marking.
  • Construction of an industrial building in industrialized construction and conventional construction, starting with the execution of the construction work.
  • Removal and treatment of contaminated waste and land according to the instructions of the Ministry of Environmental Protection
  • Land exchange and consolidation.
  • The company provides its services to the authorities, public bodies, institutions, companies and individuals.

The Company holds all the licenses and approvals required for its field of activity, registered in the Registrar of Contractors registered contractor’s tax 26626

A contractor is recognized for executing government works
Approved supplier / contractor in the Ministry of Defense.




Supervision & Planning



Our company makes sure to use quality materials from recognized manufacturers with a standard mark. Our company operates according to the regulations of the Ministries of Construction and Housing, the Ministry of Industry, Trade and Labor, the Ministry of Environmental Protection.
The company owns a variety of construction, transportation and mechanical engineering equipment.

The company employs engineers, practical engineers, surveyors, certified work managers, operators, professional workers and safety officer for the execution of the various projects.

The company has extensive experience and behind it dozens of infrastructure and construction projects are backed by recommendations.

As part of its activities, the company contributes to the community and the environment.

Company’s vision is to lead in all areas of infrastructure, to provide service to its customers at the level and quality while meeting high standards. To provide its customers with complete solutions in all areas of civil engineering, infrastructure, construction and development.

For further information, please contact us at any time.